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MATCH POINTER - Pack of 3 - save 10%

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Take advantage of our 10% discount when buying 3 Match Pointer tennis scoreboards together.

  • Double-sided scoreboard from strong UV-durable material with colour that lasts.
  • Easy portability and large print score dials.
  • Comes complete with a strong anti-rust hook for easy hanging and removal from court fences.
  • All score dials count up to 9.  Header reads HOME  AWAY.
  • Score discs change easily when you want to change them, unaffected by squalls and gusts.

The Match Pointer is available in four sizes:

Small (35 x 50 cm) at £95. Pack of 3 for only £255, you save £30.
The perfect size for private courts and as a learning tool for kids. Digit height 6cm.

Medium (46 x 65 cm) at £115. Pack of 3 for only £299, you save £46.
An excellent size for smaller clubs. Digit height 8cm.

Large (56 x 80 cm) at £149. Pack of 3 for only £399, you save £48.
An impressive feature for club tournaments. Digit height 10cm.

XL (65 x 96 cm) at £179. Pack of 3 for only £479, you save £58.
A new size for 2020, but very popular in Europe for many years. Digit height 12cm.

Please contact us by email if you wish to order more than 3 scoreboards. We are of course happy to offer you the full 10% discount on larger orders too! 

For maintenance advice please visit our website here: Match Pointer maintenance