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An excellent mid-level tennis net. Highly durable and very long-lasting.

This net is the perfect choice for every busy tennis club. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The LOB-Sport branded WIMBLEDON tennis net has been a bestseller for many years. It features a braided polyethylene body net in a 3.2mm strength, a PVC coated steel cable, 6mm strong enforced edging and 5 rows of double layer top panel.

  • Braided polyethylene net body in 3.2mm cord strength
  • Net headband from premium white polyester webbing
  • PVC coated net cable
  • Reinforced side and bottom edge with 6mm edge cord
  • Five rows of double layer net top panel
  • Durable quad stitching net headband attachment seam
  • Available in net colour black or green
  • Certified to DIN EN 1510 standards
  • Net size of 12.72m x 1.07m (42ft doubles)
  • Made in Germany

Customer's own brand label option available subject to a minimum order of 40 units. Contact us for details.

LOB-Sport has been Germany’s number one brand for high-quality tennis nets for many years. All nets come in the 42ft doubles size complete with head cable in double loop finish. 

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