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Tennis Court Furniture


Benches & Umpire Chairs

Court side tennis benches and umpire chairs are essential tennis court furniture for any club. Tennis benches are set up as a player bench directly on the sidelines as well as in front of the clubhouse for spectators.

Our benches come with ergonomic backrest, in widths of 1.20 m to 2.0 m, and in two colour options white or green. Sponsor advertising boards can be applied to some models.

The most popular tennis benches are not made of wood or metal, but high quality plastic. They are made with a hardened PVC hollow core, making them particularly strong and durable. However, environmental awareness has recently helped the traditional wooden bench to make a comeback.

Umpire chairs are used at club tournament and recreational matches alike. Our chairs are made of high-quality aluminum and are GS-approved. The tread has a non-slip finish. They come with a red plastic seat as standard. We offer a matching parasol as optional accessory.