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Green Stop Pro BRESTOLA

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This product removes green deposits, algae and fungi from tennis courts and other sports surfaces. Suitable for the use on artificial turf and clay courts.

This is a concentrated solution that should be diluted with 10-20 parts of water when used with a pressure sprayer. Dilute with up to 50 parts of water when using a simple watering can.

Always apply Green Stop Pro on a warm, dry day. Let the product dry and do not rinse or step on for at least one hour, preferably over night.  Algae and green deposits will disappear after a few days.

Usually the outside areas of a tennis court are affected most by moss and algae growth. Adjust the dilution to the severity of the green growth in those areas. You may need between one and two bottles of Green Stop Pro per tennis court.

One bottle is sufficient for the treatment of up to 150 sqm.

This product is biodegradable.