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This superior drag mat comes in a number of options. The net length is available in either 115cm or 150cm. The actual net material comes as single layer or double layer. We also offer a heavy weight option where the net features a thicker and therefore more durable PVC coating.

The special triangular shaped rod is made from heavy, weather-resistant Red Pine wood. It features smooth rounded off edges and a drawstring handle.

The high-quality net is PVC-coated with a working width of 200cm.
This product is made in Germany to highest quality standards.

Tennis players and coaches should be encouraged to drag the court after each session of play. This applies not only to real clay but also to synthetic clay courts.

The advantage of a wooden drag mat is  that the rod can easily be taken apart allowing for the net to be replaced or repaired should it get damaged. Another advantage is that the wood adds weight which makes it more effective compared to an often lighter aluminium mat.

However, being a natural material, even our very durable and hard wearing red pine wood can suffer when left lying in puddles or when exposed to freezing temperatures. Please always store a wooden drag mat away from stagnant water by hanging it up on the court fence with a hook system.

Not sure which type of drag mat to purchase? Read our blog post here for more information.