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Drag Broom TURF & RUBBER

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A drag broom specifically designed for rubber infill carpet and artificial turf court surfaces. The bristle type and bristle arrangement within its frame allows for even and smooth distributing of misplaced infill and for topping-up of new infill material.

Supplied complete with aluminium frame and handle. The PVC coated handle tip allows for a firm and comfortable grip. Semicircular spacers on each side of the brush prevent it from being caught in the tennis net or court fence.

The working width of this broom is 200cm.

The broom is made up of four separate brush head element, each 50cm long. This design allows for easy repair or replacement should part of the brush head get damaged or worn down.

Two galvanised weights of 800gr are screw-fixed on each side, providing the necessary overall broom weight for efficiently distributing sand around the court surface.

The total product weight inclusive of 2 x 800gr weights and handle is 8.5kg.