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MATCH LINER Line Sweeper

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The popular Match Liner line sweeper for tennis clay courts now with a stronger brush type and in a new 5cm brush width.

Modern synthetic clay surfaces are becoming more popular. They offer the best of both worlds: improved player comfort and low maintenance courts.

In response to this increase in popularity, we have developed a new version of our famous Match Liner line sweeper. While our original Match Liner line sweeper was perfect for natural clay courts, the synthetic surface caused the brush bristles to wear out faster.

This new, black brush line sweeper has stronger, thicker bristles, perfect for the demands of synthetic and natural clay alike.

As with our original Match Liner line sweeper, you can save 10% when you purchase three Match Liners together.

The Match Liner® clay tennis court line sweeper is low maintenance and makes line sweeping fun.

This popular product is exclusively distributed by us. Key features include:
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Robust and long-lasting design.
  • Replaceable brush disc available.
  • Easy to fit on conventional brush/ broom handles.
  • Replacement parts are low cost and very easy and quick to fit.
The Match Liner is supplied without a handle to allow for fast, low-cost shipping. It is designed to allow any standard broom handle to fit its metal fitting.

Note: we have recently been made aware that some types of particularly abrasive artificial clay grain can affect the lifespan of this product. The Match Liner will work most effectively when used on dry surface.