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PREMIUM Match Pointer - maintenance free

£119.00 £135.00
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Our best selling tennis scoreboard is now available in a brand new, improved version.
If your tennis club likes to leave their Match Pointer on court at all times and all year round, this may cause the original silicon coating on the score discs to wear off. This can be remedied by drying the scoreboard and re-finishing the score discs with our specially formulate silicon lubricant. 

Our new Premium Match Pointer has score discs which are physically altered to prevent water cohesion. This version is totally maintenance free, even when left outdoors and exposed to heavy rain for a long time. The score discs will never require re-application of silicon lubricant.

For more information about this product, please read our blog post here: 

The scoreboard is made from a UV-durable material for brilliant colour that lasts. All score dials count up to 9.
Other flipboard-style scoreboards can proof useless in windy conditions. The Match Pointer score discs change easily unaffected by any sudden gust of wind.
  • Maintance-free, will not require application of silicone lubricant spray.
  • Double-sided scoreboard from strong UV-durable material.
  • Easy portability and large print score dials.
  • Comes complete with a strong anti-rust hook for easy hanging and removal from court fences.
  • Header reads HOME  AWAY and can be covered with name plates to personalise the board before each match (name plates not included).

This version is currently only available in size medium.
Medium (46 x 65 cm) at £135
Digit height 8cm.