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SCORE DISCS Replacement Set

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Though our scoreboards are highly durable, damage does sometimes occur to Match Pointer score discs because of high-impact tennis balls or storm damage. 

We offer the money-saving option of replacement discs, which are easily changed within the scorer, eliminating the need to buy a whole new board.

The complete set of 6 discs to fit one Match Pointer is available in all four sizes:
  • Set of  6 small score discs to fit small Match Pointer (35 x 50cm) at £36
  • Set of 6 medium score discs to fit medium Match Pointer (46 x 65cm) at £42
  • Set of 6 large score discs to fit large Match Pointer (56 x 80cm) at £50
  • Set of 6 XL score discs to fit XL Match Pointer (65 x 96cm) at 57